Makarska Riviera

You could picture yourself on one of Makarska Riviera beaches next summer? Allow us to introduce to you our top 5! Fancy a wild beach where you can hide from everyone? Maybe you prefer plunging into the turquoise Adriatic Sea after an all-day partying? Would you rather rest on a gravel beach than to leave the traces of your feet in the grit? We believe that our top 5 beaches to visit on your summer holiday are everyone’s cup of tea! We strove to cover the needs and dreams of a perfect summer holiday. If you have time and desire to collect various experiences while on holiday we recommend heading for these beaches that are only one hour of driving apart.

Plaža Kabal (Gradac)

You seek for privacy, but still not too excessive? “Guarded” by the old desolated hotels, Kabal beach on Makarska Riviera may be ideal for you. This beach is far from the hustle and bustle of restaurants, hotels, cafes and jammed places near the seaside, but yet remote enough to find your piece of heaven. There’s a wide diversity of textures to lay your towel onto pebbles, sand, concrete and, natural rocks. Picking adjacent wild figs, olives, etc. makes the delight even greater. There is a place near the old hotel’s reception with freshwater spring beneath the sea where you can have extra refreshments. 

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Živogošće Velika Duba

Velika Duba lies in the real wild boondocks; between the villages of Živogošće Mala Duba and Živogošće Blato. After the hike through olive orchards, wild vineyards and fig trees follow the sudden surprise. Velika Duba is great for wilderness lovers and peace enthusiasts. The beach is filled with tiny pebbles that pave the way to a crystal clear sea (Don’t mind sea urchins, they withdrew to depths over the great interest for this beach). It is a pity to come here without the diving mask and a will to collect sea-shells, gemstones and abandoned sea urchins’ shells.


Plaža Nikolina (Baška Voda)

You are not the biggest fan of peace and isolation? You would rather have a go at a wide choice of contents offered during the summer holiday? Then, Nikolina beach is perfect for you! The sea is exceptional in quality and lucidity while the beach is convenient for families with children. You won’t lack gadgets on this beach as well as features (parasols, deck chairs, pedals, bars with cocktails and delights of wonderful sunsets). You descend towards the sea through the layers of white, green, turquoise color and/or deep blue if you are a good swimmer.

Nugal (Makarska)

To reach the Nugal beach, it is worth to wear sneakers. Before enjoyment on this beach that is inclined to nudists and naturalists, one should first take a long walk through the forest, grass, and rocks between Makarska and Tučepi. However, you will certainly feel the gratitude on this walk before resting undisturbed on the Nugal beach. If you are too mesmerized by the Osejava forest and you don’t get to the beach, there are plenty of spots to enjoy unforgettable sunsets. Beach Nugal is guarded by the great rocky cliffs, so separated from the civilization. It is desirable to bring snacks, cold drinks, and sun cream.

Punta Rata (Brela)

In 2004, Forbes magazine listed Punta Rata beach as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. From then on, the beauty of this beach has only prospered. The winning combo of pebbles and sand is suitable for everyone; the pebbles for resting and the sand for the entrance into a clear crystal sea. Encompassed by dense and aromatic pine trees, Punta Rata is an absolute haven in shades perfect for a daily nap. As well as Nikolina beach, it is suitable for families with kids, party people, and gourmets – searchers for domestic fish specialties.

How to check-in at your favorite beach on Makarska Riviera? Or maybe you have time to see all the aforementioned beaches? Do you want a bit of advice from the locals? Please feel free to contact us about any inquiries regarding the beaches, places, restaurants, and the accommodation along Makarska Riviera! If you wish to stay in the city of Makarska, you can check the availability of our luxury villas here!

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