Makarska Nightlife: Top 5 places that might cause a long unforgettable hangover

Makarska nightlife is something worth mentioning and analyzing here. Nightlife on Makarska Riviera might be easily ranked among the world’s best nightlife destinations.

Makarska Nightlife, hangover here we come

If you are enjoying on the Makarska Riviera, then the hangover is not the worst thing to handle when you can cure it properly at one of the most beautiful beaches that we have already mentioned.

We hereby offer You the instructions for the best night entertainment you could possibly imagine during your summer holiday in the beautiful Croatian south- on Makarska Riviera. However, we have to distance ourselves from everything that happens afterward. 

Beach Bar Buba – Makarska

Beach Bar Buba, named after the acclaimed and glorified VW Buba car, is located right on the beach and might be number one place of Makarska nightlife and possibly – daylife. Located at the most beautiful beach, being far from the city’s bustle and close to the nudist beach.  Waiters and bartenders serve guests with cocktails and drinks but do not be surprised if all of a sudden you get splashed by water from the pipe in the afternoon. These daily parties often include concerts of the best Croatian bands. Tired of lying on a towel? You prefer a drink instantly when you are still soaking wet? Paradise treatment with the best combination of hospitality and enchanted nature is right at your fingertips. Here you can enjoy beautiful sunsets or sunrises with Tequila Sunrise or other cocktails in hand. Dance the day away in the sea until the evening tide and great waves. Place your towel near the bar as you will definitely desire to stay until late at night (or early morning)  ;).


Banana Bar – Podgora

Banana Bar is close to the town of Makarska. It is your ideal choice if you get bored with Makarska nightlife or you wish to explore the surroundings. Cocktails everywhere! More than 100 different cocktails to choose from! When Croats want to say they are doomed, they usually say they are “u banani”. However, this does not apply to Banana bar. On the contrary! You can only be doomed to the best summer fun ever!  Since the opening, Banana bar had more than one million poured beers, over ten thousand coffees, and over 150 thousand cocktails. If these numbers did not buy you, what can eh? The bar is not far from the beautiful beach, so be sure to bring a towel with since you might stay until tomorrow morning, the best time for some morning swim. 🙂


Deep – Makarska

Deep is not just another club on the waterfront in Makarska. It’s is a cave. A real cave. And God bless the initial idea to turn it into a club. Hey, there were no bats at all, so it’s fine. Even if you’re not into clubbing that much, this is also a very romantic place where you can watch the sunrise while being surrounded by rocks. If you look for Deep on the Internet, you’ll see a lot of crazy, cool and colorful photos, but trust me, it is even better in reality! Yes, you have a little walk to make, but it’s totally worthy! Thank you nature, for giving us such a cool spot to dance our hearts out.  Their website is being built at the moment, but you can look for more info and more than 150 reviews on TripAdvisor.


Marineta – Makarska

Marineta bar is in the center of Makarska. So if you’re walking with your girlfriend pass the restaurants and clubs, the one with the strongest energy and most visitors is – Marineta. You don’t have to walk a lot since the bar is close to the marine with a lot of parking possibilities. Yes, apparently, shisha is not their number one asset, but if you’re not into that, you can have great fun there! It’s crowded every day, not only on weekends. Cocktails and other drinks are at a very affordable price.


Makarana Bar – Makarska

Makarana Bar is a kind of – different bar. It plays international music outside and local inside. You’ll need to check it out if you want a local night out. The bar is crowded and reviews are high. It is not a very big place, but it has a vibrant atmosphere. You’ll love it if you want to try out something that you haven’t tried before. You won’t know the lyrics of the songs, but that has never guaranteed the perfect mood. For the locals from South Dalmatia and Herzegovina, this is an acclaimed spot in Makarska. If the photo isn’t appealing don’t know what is. 🙂